Murphy Ranch

Posted on: February 4, 2014


Murphy Ranch has to be one of LA’s creepiest hikes. Situated off the Sullivan Ridge Fire Trail in the Pacific Pallisades, it was said to be built during the 1st World War for Nazi sympathizers. The owners invested 4 million dollars to build a self-sustaining ranch in hopes that after the first World War, the Germans would take over America and they would arise to take power from their already situated bunker in the Santa Monica mountains. However, as we all know, this never actually occurred and around the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the owners were taken into custody. Now the land and all of its resources belong to the city of LA after being donated some odd years ago.

The hike is moderate to easy, with the exemption of the 500 concrete steps created alongside the hillside of the property for the irrigation of the crops. But be sure to check out the farmhouse, power plant, water tank, and gas tank- all of which have been adorned with some lovely tagging. I would highly suggest this hike to anyone who appreciates graffiti and/or nature. It’s creepy though, so don’t go alone unless you’re into that kind of shit.

Necklace: Heart Collar by Vanessa Mooney   //  Bracelet: Pandeia Womens Compass Sundial Cuff  //  Shorts: UNIF  // Hat: Leather Band Brimmed Hat by Free People  //  Backpack: Vintage Maroon Leather Backpack  //  Shirt: Vintage Harley Davidson T-shirt

Photos by:  Stewart Uy


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