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Free People Movement: #FPLetsMove

Posted on: January 28, 2016

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“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – RUMI

I was always a bit envious of those who could achieve that “peace of mind.” It seems silly to say, but I wanted to do or try anything that would help me to achieve that goal. Ultimately, I achieved peace of mind through yoga, and have become stronger both mentally and physically.

Free People Movement held an amazing event that inspired people to get outdoors. A hike by REI and yoga flow by Core Power, they brought together over 150 people in Griffith Park to share 1 thing: the love for movement and being active.

I’m no yogi or do I name myself to be, but I love that Free People inspired this many of us to come practice together in the great outdoors. Yoga helps me to focus on one thing at a time during the practice which I therefore carry outside of my practice. Each time I complete a yoga class, I feel more mindful of all my actions during and therefore following. Yoga helps me slow down and set my intentions, helping me feel calm and clear minded. Thank you Free People for this opportunity, this chance to feel the power of movement through yoga.

Special thank you to Core Power, REI, Sweet Leaf, and Sun Life Organics!

Criss-Cross Sports Bra: Free People  //  Pants: Free People  // Yoga Mat: La Vie Boheme  //  Headband: Vintage Scarf

Photography by: Loretta Richert at Lolagraphy

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Point Dume

Posted on: June 25, 2015

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Jacket: Spell & the Gypsy Collective  //  Top: Free People  //  Jewelry: Vintage //  Shorts: Urban Outfitters  //  Hat: Free People

All photos by the amazingly talented: Haley Nord Photography

All random photos found from: Tumblr

Slab City

Posted on: January 6, 2015

Salv1salvation18 Salv8 Salv3 Salv7

Salv4 Salv5 Salv6 rumi 2salvation16Salv14Salv9 Salv10 Salv12 Salv13 Skirt: Rat & Boa  //  Top: Urban Outfitters  //  Necklaces: Free People  //  Bracelets: Rossio Roos

So out about 80 miles past Palm Desert lies a magical little place called Salvation Mountain. Ever since I saw pictures of it years ago, I’ve always wanted to go here but never had the time to check it out. It’s located in “Slab City” which is a free RV oasis for squatters. I was curious to see the man made mountain painted rubbish and hopefully understand why so many people hype about going to visit.

It truly is a sight to see. The caves and inner workings of the mountain make it one remarkable piece of art, one that is for kids and adults. It’s painted and adorned with Bible verses, murals and more. Local artist Leonard Knight, created this mountain in 2000 out of adobe, straw and gallons of liters of paint. Truly a sight to see, I took a day with my sister to cruise around the area, walk barefoot and check it out. Surprisingly it was a nice day (for January in the desert) so this Rat & Boa sheer skirt with a holey top from Urban did the trick. Wore a swimsuit under the skirt, skirts kinda risqué otherwise. 😉

All Photos by: Bahareh Ramezani




Hardly Strictly, San Francisco

Posted on: October 6, 2014

IMG_6963 sfIMG_6975 crop1

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IMG_6932 lightIMG_6927 crop
IMG_5218 sfIMG_6961 sun crop 2IMG_6973 un IMG_5238 sun

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IMG_7004 ad light bw

Top: Jessy Tank by Free People  //  Chain Bra: Vanessa Mooney  //  Shorts: One Teaspoon  (get 10% off by using coupon code TULIP at checkout)  //  Bracelet: 2 Bandits Leather Concho Wrap   //  Bracelet: Spell Thunderstruck Cuff  //  Bag: Spell & the Gypsy Collective  //  Shoes: Forever 21


Photos by: Patricia Ann Duffy O’Connor

Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise

Posted on: October 1, 2014

IMG_6351 sun
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IMG_6444 sun
IMG_6330 sun 40


Bells: Nightcap  //  Top: Vintage Harley Davidson Shirt  //  Sundial Watch: Pandeia    //  ALL Vintage Jewelry: Available on the LA native Store 

Photos by: Bahareh Ramezani

County Line

Posted on: May 5, 2014

IMG_0798 borg
IMG_0808 crop
IMG_0800 borg light IMG_0780 borg

IMG_0760conIMG_0860 ad

Romper: Novella Royale  //  Boots: Joe Lace-Up Boots  // Necklace: Mohana Necklace by Rossio Roos   // Bracelet: Milly Bracelet by Rossio Roos  // Ring: Luv Aj

Rose Bowl

Posted on: February 10, 2014

RB2 RB1 RB3 RB4 RB5 RB6 RB7 RB8 RB11

Rose Bowl Flea Market, February 9th, 2014.

Photos by: Katy Wilson

Murphy Ranch

Posted on: February 4, 2014


Murphy Ranch has to be one of LA’s creepiest hikes. Situated off the Sullivan Ridge Fire Trail in the Pacific Pallisades, it was said to be built during the 1st World War for Nazi sympathizers. The owners invested 4 million dollars to build a self-sustaining ranch in hopes that after the first World War, the Germans would take over America and they would arise to take power from their already situated bunker in the Santa Monica mountains. However, as we all know, this never actually occurred and around the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the owners were taken into custody. Now the land and all of its resources belong to the city of LA after being donated some odd years ago.

The hike is moderate to easy, with the exemption of the 500 concrete steps created alongside the hillside of the property for the irrigation of the crops. But be sure to check out the farmhouse, power plant, water tank, and gas tank- all of which have been adorned with some lovely tagging. I would highly suggest this hike to anyone who appreciates graffiti and/or nature. It’s creepy though, so don’t go alone unless you’re into that kind of shit.

Necklace: Heart Collar by Vanessa Mooney   //  Bracelet: Pandeia Womens Compass Sundial Cuff  //  Shorts: UNIF  // Hat: Leather Band Brimmed Hat by Free People  //  Backpack: Vintage Maroon Leather Backpack  //  Shirt: Vintage Harley Davidson T-shirt

Photos by:  Stewart Uy

Gypsy Vibes

Posted on: December 4, 2013

IMG_1387 IMG_1417 IMG_1409


So I’ve set up an online store. And hope to launch it soon! This belt will be one of the items I will carry (the Athena belt). It’s seriously the perfect addition to any outfit. I like to wear it over a long dress or skirt, or even over bells. Lately I’ve been looking for those one-of-a-kind accessories, and this item can give spice up any holiday outfit. I’ll keep you all updated on when the store launches. Xoxoxo

Dress: Veranda Dress by For Love and Lemons  //  Belt: Athena Belt  //  Heels: Roknrol Heels by Steve Madden   //  Bracelet: Arm Bangle by Jens Pirate Booty

Cyber Monday Sales You Won’t Want To Miss

Posted on: December 2, 2013


If you are an avid online shopper like me, then you know that Monday is going to be huge. And by huge, I mean almost every online retail store is having at least some sort of a sale. This means you should probably go return everything you bought at the mall this Black Friday, because these deals will blow those out of the water. Here are some of my top picks for Cyber Monday:


ALLSAINTS: All Saints is having a 20% off their entire website. This could be dangerous.

Anthropologie: An additional 50% off all already reduced sale items from 6am to 11am Monday.

Boutique To You: 25% off entire site sale! Ends 12/2

Fine N Funky: 30% off entire site! 50% additional off all sale items! Seriously. Don’t miss this one.

Nightcap Boutique30% off all Nightcap clothing sitewide! Ends 12/2

Novella Royale: 50% off entire site! Sale starts at midnight!

Nasty Gal: 30% off entire site (excludes vintage and giftcards)

Planet Blue: 25% off storewide sale! Although not online, it’s definitely worth checking out! 10am-6pm, ends 12/2

The 2 Bandits: 40% off all jewelry! Ends 12/2

ShopBop15% off when you spend $250, 20% off when you spend $500 and 25% off when you spend $1000.

TOBI.com: 50% off entire site sale! Ends 12/2

Vanessa Mooney: 40% off entire site sale! Ends 12/2

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